Amazon DynamoDB course

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DynamoDB is a major topic in the AWS Developer – Associate certification. My background has mostly been in Sequel databases like Oracle and MySQL, as well as specialty DB’s like Facebook Parse and iOS Core Data. NoSQL was new to me, so I took the first part of this course to shore that up prior to taking the exam. I hope to go back through this course when time permits. It is quite thorough, and has a heavy emphasis on NoSQL design theory. It also goes deeper into AWS API’s rather than using the GUI console. Good stuff. The second half of the course appears to be spent mostly getting the app (a college registration system) debugged and cleaned up – things that will have to wait until after the exams.

With the Developer and DynamoDB courses I felt pretty good about taking the exam. I then took the practice test from AWS and and went through the AWS Blueprint and the Exam Prep Guide from