Exam Prep Guide

“The initial pass rate for the AWS exams is staggeringly low, due in part to people approaching the AWS exams similarly to other exams in the IT industry.” —¬†Mattias Andersson

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This course is led by Mattias Andersson who has passed all five Associate and Professional exams on the first try Рwith all scores > 90%. He teaches how to learn more efficiently, and how to take AWS exams specifically. Here are the goals of his course:

  • Understand how AWS certifications are set up
  • Find out how to effectively use many different learning tools to master AWS
  • Get a solid handle on how AWS certification exams and questions work
  • Take AWS certification exams with confidence
  • Become quicker at learning *any* technology

Ok, at this point I am sick of taking online courses! Time to put it all to the “test” and take the Developer exam. Click here to see the results.